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Disclaimer & Important Information

Individual results may vary and the information provided by is for personal information and interest only. It is not intended to offer medical advice or treatment of any kind.  We recommend that you consult your GP for any health conditions for advice.

As our aromatherapy products are made with natural ingredients our recommended shelf life is to use products within 6 months of purchase.  Keep away from heat and naked flame and out of direct sunlight.

We recommend with all products applied to the skin to patch test a small area first and discontinue use if irritation occur. For external use only and avoid direct sunlight after applying any essential oils to the skin.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding please check with your health care provider for advice before using essential oils and avoid using around young children.

Where possible please recycle or reuse. Our Bath soaks plastic pouches are recyclable under the soft plastics REDcycle program and can be recycled at your local supermarket along with your other plastic bags. Look for the plastic bag recycling collection bin at the front of the store.

Please note that accepts no liability for misuse of any products we supply or for any reliance on the information provided by us via our ecommerce site or other Social Media channels.


Please see Ingredients list on food items as some of the gifts in our boxes may contain Nuts, Dairy and Egg products.

We do not use refrigerated trucks in transportation. Please be aware that some gift boxes contain chocolates and are heat sensitive so they may soften during transit in warmer weather and we are not liable in the instance that chocolates or other products have altered as a result of transportation.

Thank you for visiting our website. By continuing to use this website, you signify your acceptance of our terms and conditions of use.

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